Caries treatment

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There is surface, medium and deep caries. Dependently of each its type, one or another type f treatment is performed. In neglected cases serious complications are possible - inflammation of gums, dental root and even a complete destruction of the tooth.

The earlier you'll address the dentists, the easier will be caries treatment.

Caries detected on stage of formation, can be reverted. At good oral cavity hygiene and performance of remineralization (saturation of tooth tissues by ions of calcium and fluorine) at this stage it can be frozen.

The doctor would select the optimum filler color, even when caries is developing in front teeth.

Prior to caries treatment the cleaning will be necessary. After removal of accretions and calculus teeth regain their natural color, which allows to select the shade of new filler more precisely.

When chewing hurts, the tooth reacts for cold and sweet food, you should book a consultation right now.

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Extra-fast fixation of filler by photo-polymer lamp Elipar S10.

Who performs the treatment?

Sergiy Chertov Sergiy Chertov
Sergiy Chertov
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How it will be done

Caries diagnostics

Examination of oral cavity by doctor and determination of degree of caries development.

  • Prior to treatment the dental hygiene should be performed. This would allow to cleanse oral cavity from bacteria and perform a maximum precise selection of filling material color.

  • If caries had started under already installed filler, the doctor will remove it and estimate the development level.

Caries treatment

Further actions depend on caries type.

  • If caries is at middle or deep stage of development than dissection of caries cavity and its antiseptic treatment are performed. Then on the bottom and walls of the cavity is placed the isolating pad, over which the permanent filler is put.

  • In case of deep caries the treatment can be conducted in two steps - in case of pulp inflammation at first the endodontal treatment would be needed, and only then the filler installation.

Treatment completion

After installation of permanent filler it is ground and polished.

  • The doctor will hint how to care for oral cavity, what toothbrush, paste and rinser will be the best choice in your particular case.

  • Undergo examination and cleaning in dental cabinet at least once in 6 months.

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