Amati Dental Clinic

New level of dentistry in Prague

About Amati Dental Clinic

We know about all nuances and difficulties the clients of dental clinics deal with; that's why in Amati Dental Clinic everything is done for convenience of our visitors.


Only the best equipment provides high-quality dental services. We care about our customers and work with contemporary tools and materials exclusively.

In 15 seconds only the computer tomograph PaX-i3D will make the image of maximum precision, which would help to make a correct diagnosis and assign a therapy. And innovative technology of extra-low ray load would allow to avoid additional radiation.
Vector Paro is the best ultra-sonic apparatus in the field of non-invasive therapy. This unique equipment allows to perform maximum attenuated and fast treatment and hygiene of patient's teeth, even in anatomically difficult cases.
KaVo PROPHYflex 3 is an excellent example of progress in manufacturing of dentistry tools. Apparatue provices quick teeth cleaning and perfect result, without gum damage.
S380TRc i the most modern dental treatment unit from Stern Weber. Circumspect ergonomic and advanced technologies make the work of a doctor maximum effective and your attendance - a comfortable one.


Even with advanced equipment the provision of high-quality dental services is impossible without a high-qualified personnel. We selected the best doctors, and you can get to know them better right now.