Services and prices


Restoration of teeth by Switzerland implants Strautmann.
Od 15500 Kč


Whitening by Beyond system for 8-12 shades within 60 minutes
Od 4000 Kč

Teeth cleaning

Removal of accretions, removal of calculus, teeth polishing.
Od 2500 Kč'

Nerve canals treatment

Cleansing from bacteria and canals filling.
Od 2000 Kč

Caries treatment

Filling application with staining
Od 2500 Kč

Gums treatment

Anti-inflammatory therapy, splinting
Od 5500 Kč'


Production and installation of veneers, inserts, crowns.
Od 5500 Kč

Prosthetic dentistry

Preparation of teeth, production and installation of prosthesis.
Od 12500 Kč